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  • About The Game

    Its a simple bubble popper. The game has 4 major modes - Guess The Word, Pop The Color, Pop The Bubble & Free Kids Modes.

    Why this game?

    Kids love popping bubbles. I have seen lots of parents complain on how the game isnt intrusive enough or how the ads disturb the popping experience. I wanted to add more then just popping bubbles, I wanted folks to have fun. So we(me and my wife) decided to add 3 more modes other then just simple nothing to do bubble popping.

    More On The Modes

    Guess The Word - Alphabets bubble pop up and there will be hint like who barks? Pop the alphabet in order and complete the word to move to next level. So far I have 100 words implemented.

    Pop The Color - A color will be asked to pop. Pop that color and you score + 1. SImple? You just have 30 seconds btw and +5 seconds bubbles do pop up to give you a 5 second boost.

    Pop The Bubble - This is the main selling mode of the game. You have 60 seconds. The bats are flying and you have to pop the transparent bubble before it gets popped by Bats. If Bats pop the bubble you loose health. There are other bubbles too in the game such as Green for Slowing the bubble speed helping you pop more bubbles without loosing health. There is blue bubble that will give you 5 second booster and then there is Red bubble that will add to your lost health. You also have black bubble that will deduct 1 from your score.

    Gameplay Video -

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    Download - https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... s.bubbleup

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  • Working on a new release. Reducing the speed of the bubbles, also adding in an alphabet mode where kids have to complete A-Z to complete the challenge.

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