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    My new game Bit And Run is now available on Google Play. Also coming for iOS soon.

    Please try it out and tell me what you think and how it runs. And if you have any suggestions on what I can do to make it more fun do not hesitate to tell me

    Search for "Bitandrun" in one word to find it straight away until googles listings gets better

  • Hi Anonnymitet

    I went to the play store on my phone and typed bit and run - it didn't list your game but suggested I may have mistyped "hit and run"

    2 apps were listed: "Temple Run" and "Run"

    I clicked on more and looked through the list of 250 games that came up - yours was the very last one!

    I don't know if this is something you can optimise at all but just thought I'd let you know.

    Then I saw that I needed to disclose my wifi connection information to play the game (as well as accept the in-app purchase option) and thought that would put quite a few people off - including myself - for a game and developer I do not yet know.

    I don't wish to discourage you but thought the frank feedback would be more helpful than not commenting at all.

    All the best with your game.

  • Downloaded and played your game

    Like the game although it seems a little too hard to me

    When the police cars appear the controls are not responsive enough to avoid them, it is often luck if you miss them.

    I would suggest either making the car more responsive or zooming the view out slightly to give you slightly more time to respond.

  • hundredfold Thank you. Great feedback

    I have a game called Kim Jong Run and it was also really hard to find in the beginning even if you wrote "kim jong run". But now it's one of the first games you'll see by just searching for "kim jong".

    I know about the permissions but they are pretty standard on every app nowadays so not much you can do about them as I have to have something in the game to make some kind of income. The average user won't even look at the permissions before installing so that isn't a big problem for us mobile developers. I hate to put ads in games but people won't pay for a mobile app anymore if you don't have a well known title. So a dev has to do what a dev has to do At least I try to make my ads as discrete as possible.

    I made this game in a couple of hours just for fun and it is just a part of my learning process. So I really appreciate you being honest so I can get better when I'm finally ready for my first big project

    Haha, I totally agree. I'm the developer of the game and my record is 21 so its way way way to hard Usually I become so good at my own games so I don't understand how hard they are for others. But this time I do understand.

    So I'm actually updating it right now to make it easier so you actually have a chance to unlock some new cars, hehe.

  • Anonnymitet

    Look forward to the update my record is 11

  • Anonnymitet - thanks for receiving the feedback as it was intended. I hope it goes well.

    Did your other game only take a couple of hours to develop too? Is it generating much income now?

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  • hundredfold Thank you, me too

    Most of my games are made in one day except Kim Jong Run wich took me a full weekend to make. I like to work fast and by making many casual games a learn alot. But even if I work fast I try to keep the quality of the games up so they don't end up feeling rushed and broken.

    I haven't even tried to market my apps because they are mostly made for my own practice. So most of them are totally free without ads or anything. I just put ads in there sometimes to learn the process for future apps So the answer is no. I make a couple of bucks a day wich is pretty good for the few downloads my games have because my total lack of marketing x)

    Have you published anything on mobile?

  • Anonnymitet no, I'm quite new to this. I downloaded Construct 2 to see if I can use it to develop an educational product that I'm hoping to sell either in the app stores or directly from a website. I think it's a very different model from what most people are doing here, and requires a fair bit of development - but a couple of bucks a day of residual income is actually very good if you can turn your products out so quickly, after all you do the 'work' once and then get paid over and over for perhaps many years.

  • Anonnymitet

    Downloaded your update and its a lot better

    You now feel that its your fault when you crash not just a random incident

    Nice game

  • hundredfold Sounds interesting. I think you can do almost anything with construct 2 and I believe it will be perfect for your project. So best of luck with that

    Great. Glad the tweaks improved the gameplay. I'll keep adding stuff and make adjustments here and there. So thank you for your feedback

  • Thanks Anonnymitet - once I get it up and running I'll probably share something here about the business side of things.

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