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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • This is my entry for the Rotary Competition.

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    Animation, Illustration & programming was done by me.

    GAME DESCRIPTION: Meet ERIK! He is not feeling like himself today. Help him find his true colors while you explore a wonderful world filled with secrets and clever puzzles! Combines gameplay elements from both platformers and point & click adventure games.


    This is the first world from the game that was build for the competition, more worlds, more ways to interact and Touch version coming soon! A SPECIAL THANKS to the Scirra community for all your help. (Special mention to Yann & Kyatric)

    This is an early build - Your feedback is welcome.

    If you like the game, give it a vote!, thanks...

  • Just updated with faster framerate. Also gamepad support coming very soon.

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  • I really like how you used the graphics. Well done.

    Is Erik supposed to run like a maniac though? (super-speed animation)

    Ill give a future build with more content a better review :)

  • GenkiGenga Thanks for the comment,

    Erik is a speedy guy, lol. This is an early build, as a create more assets i will create much more fluid animation and larger worlds. This build was specific for the contest.

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