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  • This is our second published app, what's not really a game but a multimedia application, an interactive book for kids from 2 to 7 years old.

    Technical challanges were:

    1. Make good quality narration: I used to use Rode Videomic for recording with a simple laptop soundcard. The mic is really cheap and good quality, but cause of the sound card we had some noise in the recording. I used Sound Forge's noise reduction to tune it. And cause of the constanly playing bg music you may not notice that the narration have some noise.

    2. Find a good Bg music: this were one of the most time consuming task. I've listed about 100s of music some free and some royality free ones. Finally we paied 50USD for this one, and get the full music+3 shorter versions + 12 loops. It's not so cheap, but we would like to use it as a theme song for all of our games...

    3. Paging: I used to play with book page turning effects in C2, but can not find a way to have one with good performance, what could be work on mobile too. So now all the books are one sprite with as much frames as the number of pages. The swith between books is not so fast, but the paging inside one book have no delay!

    4. Autoplay: I trought that there is something like IsPlaying("Tag") in C2, but didnt. :) So decided to avoid this logic and simply keep all the narration times in variables, and make the autoplay to go to the next page when the last started narration's time elapsed. Well, finally cause of the jitter of the start play I used an 1400ms additional time for every narration to play, and it seems to be ok in all Chrome Browser tests.


    Alpine Crocodile Children's Books (You can install it in Chrome Web Browser)

    This is the very first publish of the book player application, so I would like to ask for your feedback about it, so we can improove It's functionality, usability and performance!

    Thanks for your kind help in ancipation!

  • would you license the book engine out?

  • Thats really nice. I like seeing how folks are pushing the boundaries a bit.

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  • Epox

    It seems really good.

  • Hi I do not think that the "engine" is solid enough to give it out, the code is dusty, have lots of manual things and so on... I will never have time to clean it up. :)

  • Well... shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out to compensate you to clean it up, or buy in its current state.

  • Epox

    That is very cute. I love the narrator's voice, it makes it sound very different.

    Two things I noticed. I accidentally hit next button twice and started hearing two pages being narrated at the same time. I tried to recreate but I haven't managed to yet.

    The story is very long, probably too long for one sitting for young kids. It would be great to break it up into chapters and have a simple resume or start from chapter ability.

    I love the graphics.

  • czar Thanks for your effort. Unfortunately I'll not update this app in the future cause of some new projects, like our great working Youtube Channel: Here are the animatet versions of the stories - unfortunately just in hungarian language.

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