Alpha Version.0 Patch//End_All (Steam)

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  • Hello!

    This isn't exactly a new game but I never posted it here before and we've recently released a content patch for it.

    I thought I'd take this occasion to show it off here. (Better late than never!)


    You are a Humadroid Class-C, you've been put into a maintenance facility for repair.

    A sudden explosion short-circuit your pod releasing you prematurely. You wander and quickly find yourself in the middle of a warzone!

    With bombs going off and soldiers shooting everyone indiscriminately, you have no choice but to fight back!


    -Dozens of action packed stages!

    -Side scrolling action at its finest!

    -Dismantle the Nadros, a defunct Humadroid PMC gone haywaire!

    -Weapon galore, choose between 5 unique weapons; all upgradeable to that nice "Ka-Pow" point!

    -Visibly get meaner with every piece of gear your get!

    Do it in style

    Chose between a premade or create a custom character of your own!

    Whats "Patch//End_all"?

    The latest content patch (Aka, End_All) brings a Newgame+ mode, featuring new encounters, Boss phases and enemies littering the stages while you keep all your current gear.

    Furthermore, we have introduced 17 new steam achievements!

    Can you withstand the brutality of them?

    Take up arms, Class-C!

    Steam Page

    Scirra Arcade Demo

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