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Paint the drawings the way you like, with 77 colors to make various paintings.Have fun and in the end save your painting
  • It's not a game but thought I would share it here anyway.

    This is a first project with Construct 2.

    1. A free version with some brushes locked. Available from:

    Locally hosted

    Chrome Web Store

    2. A free version with all brushes available but ad supported (adsense).

    Locally hosted

    3. A purchased version available from the Chrome Web Store for $9.99

    Chrome Web Store

    The main information page for Alla Prima Paint is here:

    Locally hosted



  • I should add a thank you to Ashley if you should happen to read down to here. Fine work on Construct 2. Very robust without a single crash and some things with the layout UI are well thought out and make tweaking and positioning of objects quite efficient as well and the nice drag features in the event sheets.



  • Put in some updates to this project (v1.2).

    A new version is available now with a lot of very nice improvements!

    �    Added - Saving and Loading restore point.

    �    Added - Floating canvas

    �    Added - Canvas Rotation feature

    �    Added - Canvas Pan feature

    �    Added - Canvas Center feature

    �    Added - Outline style brushes added

    �    Added - Ability to override the default dab mode style.

    �    Floating notification text for some actions.

    �    Improved - Timestamp the file name.

    �    Improved - Some visual improvement such as fading some elements that are being removed.

    �    Arranged right side panel to make room for more control icons.

    �    Changed - Combined the Help and Web icons into one function. Help will now load the Alla Prima Paint web page where the forum and help links can be found.

    �    Fixed - When clearing the page the undo state was not properly saved.

    Run it at:



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  • Oops didn't make the link clickable.


  • Another update version 1.3. Performance improvements are the main thing here.

    For this kind of program (painting) sacrificing screen redraw rate to keep other events being serviced makes a lot of sense. When painting (drawing) the screen redraw rate is forced down to 10 frames a second rather than the default that it tries to maintain at 60 fps. This allow slower devices (tablets for example) to process more stroke functionality resulting in smoothing strokes. Quite a big difference in quality for non-desktops.

    Luckily it wasn't too hard to force a lower fps rate. Just had to override the runtime.redraw flag (force it FALSE) that was getting set by a number of different plugins and then set it TRUE on my own schedule.

    One surprise was that the sprite position action was setting the redraw flag to true even for invisible sprites.



  • Oh.. So it's possible to make this kind of program with Construct 2? Remarkable, please keep on developing this.

  • It's great to see non-game application being created in Construct2. It shows just how versatile and powerful it is.

    You did a great job. Runs very smooth. I love the mirror option.

    Is there an option to share the drawings on social media? Did you consider uploading it to facebook?

  • Thanks for your feedback Joannak! Indeed, Construct 2 is a very good platform and for those who aren't afraid to tinker in the plugin code area it opens it up more of course.



  • Thanks causenad, yes the mirror option was added in the recent update on request from my daughter, was quite easy to add that feature in.

    The saving of image files and possibly sharing of images up to social media location has been and remains a difficult part. File saving is not consistent at all on mobile platforms but does seem to be handled well on desktops. I haven't explored yet how to upload images to social media sites but yes that would be a great addition. It seems most of the APIs for that are not geared towards javascript so perhaps I would need s server component to reform the image data and push it to various sites. If anyone has info or experience with doing this it would be great to hear.

    Once I'm a bit more happy with the core functionality in the program I will explore other destinations such as facebook.

    Thanks about the smoothness! I have been surprised how well Javascript can do if you are careful. This latest version even runs well on a Samsung Galaxy Note II.


  • Another update (1.4).

    More performance, smaller download, lots more brush versatility.



  • Hopefully with a working link this time.

  • More features, better browser compatibility and perhaps even a little more performance improvement.

    Version 1.5

    Added - Luminance control for all colors of the currenly loaded brush.

    Added - Saturation control for all colors of the currently loaded brush.

    Added - 2 additional core brush types added.

    Improved - Compatibility with Internet Explorer had been improved.

    Improved - The page related icons have been moved to the left hand side of the workspace, giving larger targer areas to tapping and allowing for logical grouping.

    Improved - The control icon look was updated for the size and opacity sliders.

    Improved - Internal update to allow for brush types to have a dab step value.

    Improved - Internally opacity is now tied to the brush type so that when combining brushes the opacity is normalized between the brush types.

    Fixed - Tapping on the canvas without a brush / color selected would save an undo for that when if should not.

    Fixed - On some Android devices in some cases a touch of the icons was being triggered twice.

    Alla Prima Paint

  • Oh and here is a video showing the basic usage.




  • kcarlino, wow, this is a really great paint program, especially for touch! This is the first time I've seen the ability to really customize and combine the brushes like this.

    The first time I tried your program, I thought it was a bug that the brushes were combining. But, after seeing your video, only then did I realize the vast potential in allowing that.

    Well done!

  • Hi Danial, Thanks for your feedback. Yes it is a different approach to painting software. I have a somewhat more traditional program, TwistedBrush Pro Studio, that has been around 10 years and wanted to explore what can be done with a fresh approach. The jury is still out on how readily users will take this approach, I do think I have to set aside more time to create some painting myself with it...and further tweak / enhance the program.



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