Alienoids - An action "rogue like" game!

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    The Alienoids spread over 5 planets various stolen gemstones from planet Earth. These stones are sources of a special type of energy used on many planets, including ours. Your mission: bring back all the precious stones stolen by the Alienoids.

    Get many stars as you can to buy important items in your adventure. A star appears when you destroy an Alienoid (using a laser or bomb). At the end of each level, you can buy items with the stars collected.

    1) Bomb (10 stars) - Lets drop incendiary bombs, destroying everything that touches the flames. After dropping the bomb (pressing B), you have 3 seconds to move away;

    2) Turbo (15 stars) - Allows you to move quickly. Press V to toggle between walking or running;

    3) Red Laser (20 stars) - It is slower and has low destructive power;

    4) Green Laser (30 stars) - It is super fast with high power of destruction;

    5) Shield (40 stars) - to protect and destroy enemies who try to touch you;

    Keep an eye on your oxygen level. It reduces every second you stay on the planet. Replace some oxygen picking up the medical kits you find.

    New life each 5000 points.

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