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  • I'm very proud to introduce my new game - Alienator. Rules are very simple. All you have to do is kill aliens and destroy their eggs. Enjoy!

  • I like it!

    Will you release it somewhere or could we have a look at the code?

  • This game is very well done. I hope this is just a demo and you are planning on making a full game and releasing it.

  • Hoho, I love this. The game itself is fairly simple but it has so much detail. You didn't have to include brick breaking and wall jumping, but you did and it's awesome! The effects I think really stand out, the explosions and blood splatters make killing aliens really satisfying. I also enjoy the whole egg system, an interesting way to make a high score game out of a single-screen platform shooter. Music is nice too.

    One thing, I seem to be receiving damage in this particular random area (circled in yellow):

    I don't know why, but when I jump into that range I get hurt. Did you accidentally leave some sort of invisible block there for debugging? I died to it in every round. And as a side note, I think the game would be even cooler with an orange sky instead -- or some other color that feels more dangerous than blue.

    Besides that, I enjoyed myself. Great effort!

  • Many thanks for your comments guys.

    Triforce - I have used Super Platformer Engine which is available in Scirra Store. I bought that sometime ago an I have to say it is brilliant for that kind of work.

    Burvey - I would like to release this game as full product.. yet game needs lots of work.. Anyway.. Big plans

    Nixel - what a review . Many thanks for that. And you even find a bug. Well done I will try with orange sky.

    By the way I have played your Green Soldier.. it is brilliant! Well done!!

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  • Hi

    I have fixed bug.

    Also I have changed the sky to orange. I left original blue as well but it will change from blue to orange after 200 kills..

    Many thanks for all suggestions!

  • Whoa, that was fast. Nice one! The bug really is gone now.

    Forgot to mention that I really like the powerups! Very spammable, and it's cool that your character flies backwards or upwards a bit with each shot -- had fun wrecking the whole level with them.

    But! And I'm sorry to point out something else again -- but with this update the game seems to lag very heavily after a while. I'm not sure exactly when it starts happening -- for me it's usually after I use the powerup for a while, maybe half a minute. And I'm also not sure if it's just my laptop's problem, so don't worry about it first -- just putting it out there. If other people start saying the same thing maybe you can check it out!

    Wish the lag wasn't there so I could make it far enough to see the orange sky, from the thumbnail image it looks really great. I'll be back to play more!

  • Hi Nixel

    Thanks for your kind words.

    And you are right there was something not quite right. On my computer game was slower and slower every minute...

    I have fixed that and I hope it is ok.

    Also I have modified orange sky. You don't have to kill 200 enemies.. It's starting straight away.. looks a little bit like a sunrise.


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