Airscape: The Fall of Gravity - OUT NOW!

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Gravity Square is a game where I aim to reach the square at the polka dot door :)
  • Gratz! Great game from what I have seen, a definitely must play... for me at least

  • Just watched the trailer and It should be called Coolness overload!!!

    Just a question, roughly how many levels does the game have? I am in the middle of a platform game and wondering roughly the number I should aim for.

  • rekjl probably will have 50-60 levels. What you should aim for depends hugely on your scope, the length of the levels, etc.

  • Thanks for sharing that sqiddster! I have 51 levels....somehow I feel that it is not long enough.....haha maybe because I know all the solutions and how to get past it quick. I think I will stick to it, and finish the graphics to complete the game than see how it fares.

    Best of luck to your game.....a game as interesting and cool as yours, with just a bit of luck could be the next big thing! Rooting for you!

  • sqiddster how did you manage to create that screen resolution option? Does it somehow work by changing the canvas size and layout scale? Anyways the game looks amazing and plays very smooth.

  • nemo It changes the layout scale and canvas size while using 'low quality' fullscreen scaling. Currently it doesn't work for preset resolutions higher than the 'base' window size (i.e. layout scale of 1, in Airscape that's 1366*768) but other than that it seems to work pretty well.

    It's pretty simple to do, just set your layout scale to 'NewCanvasWIdth / OriginalCanvasWidth'

  • sqiddster I have hard times making it work with the layout scale. I have lot of layers with 0 scale rate and I think that makes it hard for me to use layout scale. I'm, sure I will figure it out eventually.

  • Nice, can't wait to buy the final release!

  • nemo ahh, yeah, I don't think it works if you have layers with a scale rate other than 1.

  • Found a bug on 1.1.0

    Missile doesn't block the laser.

    Also the orbs still don't always show correctly on the map.

    Also waiting the release!

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  • Katala thanks, yeah that will be fixed in the next demo update.

  • Nice work!

  • i know a bit late, but nemo, are you having the layers on 0 scale because of zooming/scrolling?

    If yes, i can explain you how to maintain the zooming/scrolling with different scales on different layers + setting resolution option and unbounded scrolling.

  • SgtConti yes I have set 0 scale HUD layer, 0 scale background and I have zooming camera.

  • nemo here we go

    First of all, make ALL layer scales to 1

    Then instead of using your zoom value (For example 0.1) , zoom the layers(Not layout) with 0.1/(YourLayerScaleYouHadBefore/100)

    Here you also see that when one layer has zoomed in too far, it sets the zoom to the min/max value.

    But it does that for every single layer you zoomed, since if 1 layer has zoomed to far, every other has too.

    Then we come to the "what if we have zoomed in, and are coming to the end of the playable area?"

    MapSize is the X variable where the layout will end (For unbounded scrolling), for this example we will set it to 1920 (Whole playable layout 1920x1080)

    Here you see, if they cross the Max values, it get's put pack into the playable area.

    Explanation for Action 1 (Right Side Borders):

    960 is the value of your default Width for the project/2 in my case its 1920/2 = 960

    LayerScale(2) is in this case a layer that normally would have the layer scale = 100 (So here you need to pick you'r layer that normally would have a layer scale = 100)

    Explanation for Action 2 (Left Side Borders):

    Again 960 is the value of your default Width for the project/2

    Same thing with LayerScale(2)

    Explanation for Action 3 (Down Side Borders):

    540 is the value of your default height for the project/2 (In my case 1080/2 = 540)

    Now we come to Action 4

    Don't ask me why i've done it this way, but it works, and im happy with it, but i can't explain it

    But you can see 440 is = 540-100. and that is the default layer scale for my layer 2.

    Now to: How to set the "Resolution"

    Here you see, first i define the 2 values that i want to be my new width/height resolution (ResX and ResY)

    Then i set the canvas size to their Resolution.

    Then i set the Layout Scale to the new Width Resolution / 1920 (My default Width Resolution)

    And then in node webkit i set the height/width.

    As you can see i use it together with WebStorage so the returning user doesn't always need to change the option again

    I hope this is explanation enough.

    Remember ALL Layer scales MUST be = 1 in your whole project.

    • Conti
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