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An interesting platform adventure game. If you are looking for a very easy template to create your own Super mario.
  • <center><img src="" border="0" /></center>

    <font size="4">BACKGROUND</font>

    This is a game that I have wanted to write for a few years now, and about a month ago I discovered C2, and now my dreams have a platform to become a reality.

    The Adventures in Gamlarike is a "Talky Adventure", a point and click adventure with aspects of classic RPG thrown in. The hero talks to the player to relate information about what he/she is doing

    The Adventures in Gamlarike will be a series of games set in the ancient and mystical kingdom of Gamlarike.

    <font size="4">STORY</font>

    In the first of our adventures, our hero (who can be male or female, and named by the player) wakes up in an Inn to discover that their traveling companion is missing. Our hero must search for clues, and journey through Gamlarike in search of their companion and rescue them.

    <font size="4">COST</font>

    The game will be primarily free to play, however during the game players will have the option to make purchases through Paypal for better equipment, weapons etc.

    <font size="4">EARLY PRE-ALPHA</font>

    I have got to the stage of having the main control and inventory systems in place and working. The game can be controlled by touch, mouse, cursor keys and/or a combination of these.

    Here is a very early Pre-alpha for you to have a look at, note if you choose the male character you play a male in the game or if you choose the female character you play a female in the game. at the moment the characters voice is just a computer generated voice, however in the final release this will be replaced by an actor (male for male players and female for female players)

    Things not yet done:

    • fight routine
    • active journal

    In this pre-alpha your objective is to open the wooden door in your bedroom.


    I would be very greatfull of all comments, critisium and suggestions

  • The game looks good. Continue on it! <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • zordork

    I really like your game.

    The graphics are amazing. Love how you pick the character. The room is really well done. I like the inventory, clearly laid out.

    I found the key.. I wanted to keep playing.

    Brilliant game I love it, would like to see more.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> did you do all the graphics yourself?

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  • most of the graphics are my own, but I also have edited a couple of royalty free images to make them match the game

  • zordork

    they have a lot of detail

    the perspective of the room works really well.

  • zordork

    A nice start. I liked the inventory system, character choice and rpg style to the game. There's a few spelling mistakes that you might want to correct (Experience doesn't have an 'a' in it, and there was another word in the inventory that had an 'a' which shouldn't have been there. Can't remember what word it was offhand). I also found the controls a bit fiddly (I was playing on an ipad 3) but they can always be refined by moving them around a bit (they will probably need adapting for whichever devices your aiming to create the game for).

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I look forward to encountering some enemies and having a bit of a rumble at a later date.

  • Dave

    thanks for picking up the typos, theses will be rectified.

    when you say the touch controls were a bit fiddly, do you mean the layout of them? would they be better in a different order or a different shape, perhaps mimicking a d-pad. I don't use a touch device, so any input from you would be very valuable.

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