Addiction - My second C2 game...a "brain" type one...

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  • Game Title: ADDIcTION!

    Would be appreciated if you play it here and rate it over here to make the game get some "plays":

    After that you can play it on my site without ads between games if you want, see my sig.

    It's a minimalist "zen" looking game because in it you play with numbers, trying to create the highest number you can and the highest score.

    I would appreciate your feedback as far as the clarity of in-game rules. don't be afraid to post your scores here. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Thanks to all C2ers!

  • DavidA13 I've played it on your site and I have to say: It is indeed addictive! My highscore was 585. I found it very clever. But I would definitely put a optional tutorial or a how-to-play into the game. In the beginning it is hard to tell by what rules the new tiles are added.

  • This is a really simple yet insanely fun game. I love how simple the concept is, yet deep the gameplay is, and it looks great! Kudos on a great game!

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  • Thanks a lot liquidmetal and GideonG!

    Really appreciate the feedback and the nice words! Hehe.

    liquidmetal: Did you saw the tutorial bubbles for your first 4 moves? Maybe they don't show longer enough if we quickly click I'll try to test this more, thanks!

  • DavidA13 Of course I saw them. But like I said: They don't explain everything. Let's say i pick up a 3 and add it to a 5. I get an 8 but on the free space I took the mentioned 3 from a new number occurs. Sometimes it is a 1 a 2 a 3 or something else. By what rules are these numbers chosen? I would put the answer to that question additional into the tutorial bubbles.

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