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  • Hello, this is my first game, actRact.

    I made it for the Rotary competition, and is my first game ever in c2 and the first that I ever completed past the polishing phase.

    I think this game should be played fullscreen, but the version on the arcade should be enough to give you an idea of the gameplay, which is an arcade action puzzle game, which has a bit of a learning curve, the game is not easy, but once you grasp the concept is a lot of fun! If you can give it a chance, most of my friends love it now, but at the beginning got frustrated, personally I reached the 9th level on medium so it's humanly possible :-).

    Anyway, here the game on the Chrome web store

    Here the direct link to the

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    (NSFW - Language)

    And I hope the arcade get fixed in time for me to enter the competition, my profile currently shows 7 unlisted duplicates of my game!

    Anyway, thanks to Ashley for creating construct2 allowing me to realize one of my dreams it's been a long journey, I lost a lot of sleep, and I would've lost a lot more if it wasn't for Yann (Which basically made my game :-P) and all the other wonderful people of this board which helped me immensely.

    I hope you will enjoy it!

  • 0plus1

    i never get tired of hearing about people making their first game.

    well done.

  • Hi, just a quick update.

    I decided to give the game away for free on the chrome web store, I just want people to enjoy it, I think it's a very cool concept. ANd now you have no excuse to not play it!

    Chrome web store

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    (NSFW - Language)

    I would love to hear your opinions, as soon as the Arcade it's fixed I'll publish a stripped down version (no gamepad, no leaderboard and no fullscreen) for the competition (I would love to publish the full game on the arcade but the limitation doesn't allow me to do it..).


  • Amazing introduction 0plus1, how long did it take to do?

    The presentation trailer for the game is really nice(REALLY nice), one thing that sticks out to me though is once the game is playing - it seems like something is missing.

    What it needs (IMO) is some background action. Maybe the background will be full of stars and occasionally a shooting star comes across the screen (That would match the intro theme). Or possibly the background could be a colourful pattern that constantly changes (That would match the overall feel of the gameplay).

    Here is an example of what i mean :

  • Hi GenkiGenga, thanks for the advice, I thought nobody cared about my game :-(

    I agree with the background, but as it is the game is at the limit of the 10mb for the chrome store and I feared that pushing too much would end in poor fps. At the beginning I did a strange backgroun moving thing, but then I realized it distraced people playing it so I decided to go for a minimal theme.

    I'm now deciding what to do, I want to make a desktop version to sell on desura/steam because I think the idea is cool, an exe version would allow me to go heavy on special effects..

    It took me: 15 days (couple of hours a day) to make the first draft (concept) which was very different than it is today as it used physics. Then when I saw the contest I started working heavily on it for 2 weeks, the last of which almost 10 hours a day (I work as a freelance and I had enough time). What really took time was the polishing phase (buttons effects, graphics, sounds) to get the "feeling" I wanted.

    Thanks again for having played it!

  • I know that "feeling" well :) its been plaguing me weeks.

    Ah i didnt think about the 10mb limit. Yeah the right background would definately be like a balancing act.

    The best of luck to you getting it on desura/steam - or whichever way you go (Personally i think kongregate and gaming portals are the way).

  • I was finally able to upload the right version: Arcade

    It's basically the version on the chrome webstore minus leaderboard and fullscreen. Try the harder difficulties levels!

    Enjoy, it' s almost a different game! Give it another try!

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  • I just wanted to publicly thank Tom and ASHLEY.

    I just received my prizes and I'm really happy!

    Good Day!

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