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  • ACE is a virtual destkop application, or as I like to call it, an 'integrateble operating system', an OS inside another.

    So far, (from what I've seen) nobody made a virtual desktop in Construct2.

    In this app, I've made a functional and customisable desktop (an application launching centre) and utility apps like Paint, Notepad, Camera and Clock.

    It's intended to be used in Node-webkit, but it runs on a webpage, too. Unfortunatelly, I could not upload it to Scirra Arcade, because it's wide and uses 3rd party plugins.

    You can change your background, move existing icons and add custom icons to your desktop.

    For no reason at all, safety is always first! You have to log in to access your desktop. You also have another lock, with on-screen controls.

    There is a Messages app where you can stay in contact with all your friends.

    You have the Options application if you want to change something, and you can view the status of ACE in the Info app.

    Download the latest: ... l9jQNatq50 (Lilypad)

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