4th Crew - Point & Click Adventure game.

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  • Hello guys,

    I am exhausted and beleive some of you feel like me. I submit a game to 2030Jam but i don't beleive it's all done and 100% polished game. But i just want to create some new stuff by myself.

    I have to build all the p&c mechanics from zero. I beleive i create nice one but after some point i couldn't catch them all.

    Anyway i hope you will give it a try and make some comments on it, some advises perhaps? I have to go and sleep now

    Take care all..


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  • Hi Onur, it looks interesting but I had some issues. The menu after the right click sometimes works, but sometimes just sends the char to walk instead.

  • suntemple Thank you for playing it and your review.

    I know there are some little bugs, and here are 2 reasons for that:

    1- I am still inexperienced with C2, honestly i can say that. Despite of my inexperience i try to make something without using templates but it comes with those hitches and glitches . I will keep improving it, not just the game but my abilities.

    2- I completely change my game idea after deciding can't make a game (yet) with previous one. So i only had 3 days

    As i told those are resons not excuses I will keep learning and making better and more solid gameplays in near future.

    And also to those who like the scenerio i will make a long play game as this one is just Episode one

    Thank you for your review again. Keep following!

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