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  • Hey Constructors!

    Here it is a Demo game about animal revenge in VR (stereoscopic VR without plugins in construct 2!on left eye is different parallax than on the right eye so the 3D depth is nice)

    To play VR mode u need a phone with a gyroscope and a chrome browser on your phone for best performance) U can use google VR cardboard glasses etc also GearVR but don't connect phone to GearVR mini usb slot. P.S. I don't know how to prevent this game from going sleep by browser when u are in VR mode, so u have to change screen timeout to max in your phone display settings.

    Don't know why but gyroscope doesn't work in scirra arcade, here is a working version: http://www.rufson.com/george/

    Without gyroscope:


    tested on galaxy S4, and 6 (works very good on chrome beta mobile app)

    Thank u for playing this demo, support is welcome and I will make a tutorial how this is done without any external plugins.


    In 3D VR Mode: use your head movements in vr glasses(tilt right moving right etc)

    In 2D Mode: use your phone gyroscope to move but if u dont have gyroscope u can touch screen to drive character movement.

    In Desktop Mode: use your keyboard

  • Very cool sir,

    I was thinking to try the same in ma game some time ago.... but I did not have de kahonas....

    Actually I would like to upgrade my comment to

    "Holy s**t....!"

    How the f........

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  • Hi rufson

    Great job on this! Specially on the atmosphere you create right at the start of the demo. Looking forward to your tutorial, I would love to know a bit more on your approach to set up your layout to work as a google cardboard project, as i am pretty sure the community as well.

    Excellent work.

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