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  • So I've just got back from the TIGA GameHack in London, which was hands down the best game jam I've been to. 36 hours of no sleep, with only a few hours the night before definitely took its toll!

    <font size="6">Summary:</font>

    The game is about a young boy who's too old to believe in monsters, but still too young to not be afraid. To overcome his fear, he ventures into the wardrobe to shine a light on his tormentors - literally!

    <font size="6">Video</font>


    <font size="6">GameStick</font>

    I was able to get the game running on GameStick with CocoonJS. Point sampling killed performance for some reason, and WebGL effects also seemed like a big drain. However with those disabled I was able to get moderate performance whilst running on the pre-release hardware.

    One gotcha is that the primary gamepad uses index 1, rather than index 0 which I think is the standard.

    I need to really work on the difficulty curve, and maybe adding some more beasties, then I'll be distributing for free on Ouya and Gamestick :)

  • thehen That's very cool!! Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep - but it paid off in the end with this game!! Awesome!!

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  • damainman cheers!

    Here's a timelapse of development too :)


  • that time-lapse breakdown was very funny :D

    you did a really good job! :)

  • Hey! I didn't know you could get C2 games on GameStick, any tutorials about?

  • LevelUpJordan not yet I don't think. CocoonJS haven't even announced official support. Just use the gamepad object with the gamepad index of 1 and follow CocoonJS tutorials for exporting to Android.

  • Thanks! :D

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