2030: The Redemption of the human race

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  • I am proud to announce the game 2030: The Redemption of the human race is done.

    Link » http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/641154

    The game was originally made to be entered in the Newground game Jam 2030.

    I will continue update the game until I finish all the features I have in mind.

    Also, I am taking the requests in consideration.

    Description: After escaping from prison box, Captain Jack Oneal steals protus, a high tech ship to fight the enemies that want to kill him and all the humans remaining.

    Jack need to rescue the humans already captured by the Techno world. He is the only change!

    How to play: Use the arrow keys to move the ship, X to shoot and C to launch missile (power up)

    In order to get to Aracnotech (Boss), you need to move fast and keep shooting. Kill them all!

    Power ups will randomly appear in the screen, you have 5 seconds to get it or else it will disappear.

    The best way to get less hits is to keep moving. You need to avoid the enemy ships as well. They cause a lot of damage upon collision.


    • Fast pace gameplay
    • Easy controls
    • Challenging to win
    • Nice graphics and sounds effects


    • Performance (optimized images)
    • New visual effects ( Controls, Mute, Pause and quit buttons)
    • Visual Aid Screens (Splash, credits, controls)
    • Information about the game
    • Enemy health bar

    Upcoming updates

    • New enemy
    • New weapon for boss
    • Shield for player's protection
    • More levels
    • Touch functions

    Video gameplay (Portuguese)

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  • I really like the hit counts (and hit countdowns) on the enemies. I'm sure I'll steal that idea one day, looks great.

  • dthomasdigital

    Thanks for the feedback.

    After I released the video, I made some updates including replacing the number with a health bar.

    It is much better for visual effect and gameplay.

  • Fun game. I like the look and the atmosphere.

    I wish the ship would move faster, I think it would be a more dynamic game that way.

    I saw this great video talk

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    on adding stuff to action games to make them really great. Check it out if you have time. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • I am considering make the ship move faster.

    I will run some tests to see how it would work.

    Thanks for the feedback,

    When I have the chance I will take a look at the video you have mentioned it.

  • I like the graphics, movement, would miss some protection for the player, more types of weapons ...

  • iceangel

    For the upcoming updates, I will add the shield protection, more enemies, faster ship and more.

    Thanks for the feedback,

  • This game is good.

    I read some NG reviews and i'm not agree with the comments about difficulty. People don't want to try, they only want to win. This upsets me a lot.

    IMO, the difficulty is good, not too easy, not too hard.

    The controls are not well shown. OK they are on the title screen, but they shouldn't be in "green style" and at the bottom of the window. This place is for the button "About game", and the place of this box is for "grey style" boxes (as arrows), with the controls explanation in. When I played for the first time, i didn't found them so i thought it was an avoiding game ^^.

    Now, i think you should let the player to understand these controls, and for that, you shouldn't attack him at the first second he starts to play. Wait 3/4 seconds before the first wave. I'm not an expert in shmup but the weapon and powerup number didn't shock me.

    For finishing, i think anyone who chooses "spaceships" for his game about 2030 can't fits the theme. Nevertheless, this game is well made.

  • grandbrinus

    I really appreciate your review. It was very thorough.

    My goal was to build a game fairly hard to get to the boss.

    I particularly hate games that is too easy.

    I want to offer a challenge for people to beat the game.

    Since I released the game for the contest, I made a lot of changes.

    Among them, I made the game a bit easier The player move faster, the enemies shoot less and I added visual aid. Also, I added buttons in the game for controls, music, pause and quit.

    The waves of enemies start coming after 1 second.

    I am thinking about adding a tutorial in the beginning for first timers.

    This will make easier for people to play the first time.

    Thanks again for your feedback

  • Diffuclty is fair, graphics are nice

    I like the sprites but only the player is animated, the enemies are just hanging in the sky

    When the player hits an enemy you see only the health bar decreasing but i miss a little impact sprite


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  • mrnannings

    I thought about adding some kind of impact explosion to both players and enemies but it would be too much.

    I will keep trying new things to make the game better.

    I am adding more features to it. As soon as I finish it, I will post them here.

  • http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/641154

    New updates:

    • Tutorial screen for first timers
    • Player is moving faster
    • About game features the history of the main player, the enemies and the boss.
    • Spider boss health bar

    Upcoming updates

    • New enemy
    • New weapon for boss
    • Shield for player's protection
    • More levels
    • Touch functions
  • Even tough we didn't win. I am really happy with the results so far regarding the number of views.

    As of today (7/14/14) my game ranks number 2 in the number of views for the the Construct2jam


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