1,000,000 - Basic Space shooter game with a twist.

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  • 1000000 (One Million) is a game with a very basic goal: survive until you reach 1,000,000 light-years of distance by killing the enemies before you and dodging their attacks.

    The catch is that the aspects of the game change the further you get, randomly and in different doses, being more aggressive the further you are...

    This mechanic is an experiment to see if games can still be fun and challenging by using a non-standard method of difficulty setup and progression.

    I noticed I have about 40 events free before I hit the limit, and I can add more features to it, if it is successful. I would upload it to the arcade, but I use the 'Function', 'Canvas', and 'Move-to' behaviors, which are not supported for some weird reason.

    The controls: CTRL(Press) to fire, LEFT/RIGHT(Hold) to move.

    Let me know how it is :)

    EDIT: Oh, and I made it a long time ago, and just picked it up again. I've had it on my Blogspot for a while along with my other things.

  • The game needs more warning before it starts changing the rules. There were points where I thought the game broke! Like when everything turned invisible and when I started firing backwards.

  • Perhaps I could add a timer of sorts in the corner or something?

    Also, I'm starting to hate the 'Freeze image to make game seem frozen' thing I added. I plan to remove it tomorrow unless anyone says otherwise...

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  • Perhaps some brief flashing warning text that says something like "SPEED UP!", "SLOW DOWN!", "FREEZE!", etc.

  • Please, make an option to turn off the sound, it�s very loud ;]

  • Wait... you're suppose to fire backwards?

  • Got to love firing backwards all of a sudden...

  • I have a question.. Are you using the free edition?

  • Yes, I am. Only 60 events, but I use some other plug-ins.

    I think I'm gonna add the timer to show when things are gonna bug out, but I've been busy lately, so we'll see how things turn out...

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