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  • The CPU is now your worst enemy...

    Play 1000000

    The game uses an experimental mechanic that makes the game harder through a different medium.

    Trust me it gets ridiculously hard the further you go.

    I don't expect anyone to actually beat this, but rather share it and try to get as far as they can before giving up, then share the score (In this case, distance) to show how awesome they are.


    Ctrl                   ->      Shoot. Semi-automatic, so SPAAAAAAAAAAM.

    Left/Right Arrows      ->      Move left and right.

    LMB                    ->      Click "Play" and the other main menu pictures.

    I would appreciate some feedback as well. ;) Have fun!

    UPDATE: Stars move slower and a change in one of the 'Glitches'

  • haha, pretty fun - some odd things were happening, but i get the impression that it was intended.

    The enemy red lazers are a little bit hard to stay focused on because the stars in the background are very bright and moving at a similar speed.

    Good start!

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  • Good game dude. What I thought was game bugs was actually intended! LOL. My score is not very big: 471500. I died a stupid way. I was really pissed off!

    Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the game. What is very well made it's the fact that the game is also your enemy since it does crappy stuff to make you lose XD! I will suggest to change the game design maybe or maybe not actually. I guess, your game design was intended too in order to make the game more difficult.

    I think that the player and the enemies are maybe too small arrows. Maybe make them bigger. Hope this helps! By the way, feel free to try also my game and leave me some comments. I will appreciate. You can play it through my signature.

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