ZombieTwitch DevLog - A 2D fast paced sidescrolling shooter

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  • Hey everyone, be sure to check out ZombieTwitch on Steam Greenlight! steamcommunity(dot)com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=551227968

    I decided since I've seen a lot of these "devlogs" on the forums, that I'd make my own devlog. My game is called ZombieTwitch, a 2D fast paced sidescrolling shooter where you play as Toby, a young entrepreneur who must fight his way out of a zombie-infested Sunset City before the BCDA destroys the city.

    The menu...

    The tutorial...

    I've been working on this project for a while, since about July 2015, and it's changed a lot since its first version. Originally, I planned on having this be a multiplayer-focused game, with singleplayer tacked on as a little bonus. However, the latency issues with all the behaviors and events, along with my inexperience in using multiplayer made it very difficult. Eventually, it switched from being multiplayer-focused to being singleplayer-focused. Multiplayer is still available, and I'm still working on it.

    While I'm still developing the game, and there are too many things I've done to list them all, I'll start recording all the changes I make to the game here. i hope to have a demo complete (with the tutorial, and 2 singleplayer levels) by Thanksgiving. However, I haven't even begun coding the zombies yet, so it'll probably take a long time to complete, and probably delay me. Below is my current schedule.


    November 7, 2015: Devlog released + Public Beta released Thanksgiving 2015: Demo complete December 5, 2015: Public Demo released February 1, 2016: Singleplayer fully coded and completed March 10, 2016: Multiplayer fully coded and completed Sometime in late Spring - early Summer: Game fully completed and released

    Key features:

    • Multiplayer!
    • Singleplayer Campaign and Survival Modes!
    • HD graphics and cinematics!
    • Controller support!
    • Music from your favorite SoundClouders / Composers from around the world, like:
    - Checks N Balances - Bustre - MLW / Holder - west metro - babe - Petr Yakyamsev - and more!
    • PC, Mac, and Linux Support!
    • FREE!!!

    If you want to try out an early copy of the game, you can do so here:

    gamejolt(dot)com/games/zombietwitch/86837 -- be sure to change the (dot) to a .

    Keep in mind that this is a beta copy. It'll be very limited in what it can do, and show only the basics of the game. Some features may not be fully supported, finished, or available. If you find a bug or issue, please leave a comment below.

    I don't know if the HTML5 version loads properly -- it didn't for me.

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  • looks nice but i think this game deserve to have better graphics

  • imothep85 I agree with you. A lot of the graphics for the game are just placeholders for now, like the pink box. I've been working on sprucing up the graphics and design, and make the animations smoother. I plan on doing this today. Also I'll send you the voices today

  • Just put it on greenlight as a concept. Will soon be posting on regular greenlight soon!


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