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  • What I'm trying to do is capture the output from a webcam, to this canvas plugin - so I can use it as an object..... problem is, the webcam plugin I'm using (different than the built in c2 one. It's proprietary) pretty much copies the output of the webcam directly to the c2 canvas... the only way it can be done.... the problem with this particular plugin however, is that it only pastes from a specified layer... and not "all layers" or "entire canvas".

    Is there some way I could edit the canvas's "PasteLayer" part of the plugin, in order to capture all the layers, or the entire c2canvas, wherever the canvas instance is? Perhaps add a new function "PasteCanvas" ?

    If i'm not being clear enough, let me know.


  • Why not have your plugin draw to it's own canvas? That's what the canvas plugin does and actually is pretty simple minus getting it working with webgl.

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  • Cause I only want one instance of my plugin.... to have a canvas, you'd have to require multiple instances - and I don't want that.

    No worries though, I modified the canvas plugin to my liking.

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