Wizard's Rune

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  • This is an upcoming mobile puzzle game that should be released sometimes soon.

    I'm uploading the first part of the game (first 20 levels) here for some C2 community feedback.

    Note, there's no music yet.

    Dropbox link

  • Neat idea and nice graphics, but I'm having hard time figuring out how to play it?! :/

  • Very cool game!

  • Stuck on game still under dev... for a very long time.

  • Stuck on game still under dev... for a very long time.

    Yea, for some reason, on Firefox, after loading the game seems to freeze. This doesn't happen all the times, and it never happened on Chrome for me. A quick refresh should fix it though (after the game loads you can click anywhere to skip the text part).

  • Very nice! I loved the gamplay, nice animations and idea.

    Stay cuddly, KFC!!!

  • Interesting game. Nice assets too

    Edit: Who did your assets? You?

    Very very impressive. Do you do freelance work (artwork?)

  • Really nice, but it takes a moment to get what the player is supposed to do. The hints show the mechanics, but don't tell you the goal. Maybe after the skull disappear there should be a "thumbs up" or something?

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  • game got stuck waiting before starting. this was on IE and Chrome - for at least 30 seconds. I'm guessing it was a download issue as it then asked on IE for permission to exceed my normal save limits. If it because it was downloading content, it'd be good to have a progress indicator or something to tell us what is doing.

    It's not intuitive, but I like the game. however I don't see the challenge in the first 15 levels I played. I got bored to be honest.. so I think you need to make it a bit more interesting to hook people in those first few levels.

    very nicely done!!! keep up the good work

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