Witch Hunter (Demo and Screenshots)

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  • Hello to everyone!

    I worked on this project for about 5 months. And now i present you Demo version of Witch Hunter.

    This is html 5 game for browser. Aslo after some time i will make it for Android Play Market.

    Witch Hunter

    Demo version has not any sounds. Also there are no menu and tutorial. Some features are not working right now.

    Some features of Witch Hunter:

    -11 types of weapons

    -18 types of enemies

    -Perfect craft system

    -12 items to collect

    -10 items to craft

    -11 Hero upgrades

    -100 levels with many waves on enemies

    -Achievements system

    -Enemies encyclopedia

    -Statistic system


    I look forward to your comments and feedback

  • The graphics look reeeeally neat! Good job there. I will try the game a bit later today. So I can say a bit more I like the sound of crafting here. There is a lot of expansion room for imaginative items.

  • The game looks great! Graphics are amazing!!! Where did you learn to draw like this and which software are you using? Inkscape or...?

  • Thank you guys!

    I learned to draw myself, i use Adobe Illustrator. Also i use wacom intuos pro (tablet for drawing), it is very helpful.

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  • agree with others, the graphics look amazing! how many people are in your team?

    I'll give it a play later

  • agree with others, the graphics look amazing! how many people are in your team?

    I'll give it a play later

    Only me)

  • wow, that's awesome!

    I just played the game and it's pretty good, I just don't understand why the level seem to appear randomly on the map instead of selecting which level the player want to play

    the animation is good, at first I felt strange why there's only one man defending the wall, but then realized that help must be bought.

    keep up the good job

  • It will be game without end) After reaching 100 level, you will play unlimited random levels))

    Thanks a lot!

  • Probably good to make a red haze around health when wall is attacked (I assumed they were only damaging the wall!)

    Also perhaps change ammo pic for pistol as it doesn't shoot arrows. Also make a glow flash around the ammo count for it when buying ammo - I was buying but not seeing any reaction (because the ammo count was on the left and I was looking at the ammo price over on the right)

    Also it seems the difficulty rises quickly and what happens if you don't have enough money to buy what is needed to survive? Will you have easy missions that can be played to gain gold to avoid that problem, or have a harder game than that?

  • Thank you very much, good comments. I will think about game balance, also i see the better way is to make a map with limit levels.

  • Interesting game... best of luck to ya on this project

  • Hi, just a couple of ideas imho:

    -the cost of ammos for the weapons is very frustrating, better to make the weapon cost more (maybe MUCH more) but give it with infinite ammos.

    -make the name of the location (just before the battle start) appearing and disappearing faster.

    It reminds me a mix between "Defender" and "Battleheart" (for the graphic).

    Very well made, good work!

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