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  • Hey everyone. I am working on making a fighting game. I am pretty new to animating and game design, so I thought this is a good way to start. Here is a video of a movement test with a skeleton that I made.

    I had an issue with the sprites animation bouncing around. The feet would not stay on the ground. I think it had to do with the origin point being in the middle. I moved the origin point into the bottom left corner and it seemed to work. Was that they way I should have done it?

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  • I think the problem because the frames is not in the same size, i have the same issue with the enemy frames and when i set the origin to the bottom it's work fine.

    What software you are using to make this animation?

  • Try making another sprite that acts as the actual controller for the player and pin the animation sprite to it and don't forget to make the controller invisible. Also, am I right to assume that you used Ryu's walking animation as a reference? The fluid movement and size of his feet is very similar to Ryu in Third Strike

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