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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • This is just a little project I'll be working on. It will probably help me to keep development alive until it is functional, if I post it somewhere. Sorry if it bothers anyone.

    project on github: https://github.com/AwesomeAxolotl/translation_overlay

    latest version: 0.1.0

    Current outline:

    1) Purpose:

    Overlay polygonal / elliptic masks and spritefont text over images loaded from disk. I want to use it to overlay translation skripts over speech bubbles from raw manga images or japanese digital illustrations. It should generate a json file that another user could load in (provided he has the same image files) to see where texts belong and what they say.

    2) Features:

    • different fonts (will use SpriteFont+)
    • different text color
    • text outline (stroke; will use Outline Effect by R0j0hound)
    • masking
    • color picking (for masking when you don't wanna use black or white)
    • text placement, basic editing
    • image navigation (zooming, panning)
    • file navigation inside the folder
    • export text and masks placements to reload elsewhere
    • autosave
    • undo / redo


    • add some general-purpose icons to use (arrows, hearts, ... ?)

    probably not:

    • tablet / mobile support (non-nwjs; should be fairly easy to adapt as webservice, if it can access the images from webservers, though)
    • text object & webfont support (mainly want to use spritefont for better performance, but could fiddle with adding the possibility to use fonts instead)
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  • v0.1.0


    Kinda happy I can alread swap out translations for the interface. For now can just view images in a folder, no overlay editing capabilities yet.

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