(WIP) Tower Defense from outer Space

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10 turrets rendered in 3D with top down and menu views. Three upgrade levels per tower.
  • Hey guys, we are very proud to introduce you our very first C2 template game, which will be soon available in the stores of this world. We try to offer you all the goods you need, to build up your own custom space themed TowerDefense-Game or TD game in general. Well hopefully everything We would really love to get some feedback from you about...yeah everything. Anything special you would like to see inside such a game?

    Little flashy WIP gameplay footage:


    Package will include:

      The complete exported HTML5-Game, to directly use it on your Website or GamePortal Complete Construct2 Source Code included, well documented and structured (Personal License of C2 required) All assets, animations and graphics as pre exported PNG´s and editable high resolution Photoshop files All sound effects and 4 different scores for levels and menus Support, bugfixes and lifetime updates of all the content

    Game features:

      Awsome wave based tower defense action, well documented and easy to extend 3 different space levels, super easy to edit and play around with 3 different turrets with 3 stages of upgrades 5 different enemy spaceships, which different behaviours lots of laser, explosion and space animations a complete menu structure including local highscores and sharing features easy export to Web, Desktop (via NodeWebkit), iOS and Android integrated and easy adjustable advertising banners using Admob a complete professional soundtrack and custom soundeffects, to use in your own games

    Overview of a some of the assets that will be included:

    Feedback appreciated, for updates just follow us on social media and never forget...

    ...to keep it beaverlicious!

  • very cool i like the UI alot keep it up

  • Fidasx

    Thanks man really appreciate that!

    Any feedback on gameplay look?

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  • Whoa! This is really well done! Video looks great and I think this something the community will find great use in. Keep up the great work!

  • interedasting i had towerdefense in plan too, probably as my next game, but not space based one

    also planing shitload of features for it, if you're interested in ideas PM me i will share with you (so you can use on your game)

  • facecjf

    Thanks Mr. Trooper, this was a hell of an encouraging feedback.


    Thanks for the offer, but I don´t wanna steal anyone elses ideas, use them on your own game buddy

    Thanks guys! More feedback is of course appreciated!

  • Beaverlicious ok if you change your mind i'm open for suggestions, my ideas are free OFC, completely

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