[WIP] Super Donut Drifter - is this too hard?

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  • Hello,

    I'm working on a simple one touch racing game. The idea is that the car is constantly turning to left and by touching the screen car turns to right.

    Goal is to collect all the stars on track as fast as possible.

    At the moment there are 18 tracks with 3 themes and local records. I'm planning to implement google leader boards as well. Check the video at the bottom of this post. Or try out your self...

    Also I need the change the skidding soundFX

    All feedback is welcome!

    Test here

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  • I just got published at

    Google play-store

    Is the game play too hard?

  • The presentation is nice and the dynamic feel of everything is great.

    Is it hard? It's more so annoying - I feel like this sort of thing works better for the flappy bird sort of games, where you clearly see the movement and quickly get a feel for the amount of time it takes to keep your character flying.

    Here, with the angle changing it often feels bit like you are not really in control - that would probably pass with time and getting the feel for the timing, etc. Together with this comes the question - do we want to invest some time to learn it - I think people crave rewards - I tried the online demo version where it looks like everything is unlocked - I think you could add some motivation by crating the impression of a tangible reward - each track unlocks the next, the areas could be called not just "park" or "desert", but, for example, Green forest cup - this instantly says there's a competition here and when you are done you might get some recognition (for example the classic bronze, silver, gold medals based on star total). Have a little medal on there to remind of the progress, etc.

    So in general it feels quite good, but needs more "game" stuff for motivation, I think.

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  • Somebody

    Thank you very much for the great feedback! I Appreciate it a lot!

    You have very good points, and I will make the changes you suggested!

    [quote:1kaul9fk]Together with this comes the question - do we want to invest some time to learn it

    This is exactly the thing that I'm pondering...

    You just become blind to these things, when staring at them too long too close...

  • This game is now published at: Google Play

    I'll still keep developing. There is still quite a lot things I would like to do.

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