[WIP] Small runner for mobile!

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  • Hey, I'm making progress with this infinite runner I'm making for mobile and I need some feedback as all I've gotten for now is comments from a couple friends. The HTML version can be found at http://mobilegame.bitballoon.com (The store still isn't done yet, and "Journey" is a temporary title; also, game modes aren't going to be called as they are now). Any suggestions/feedback would be appreciated!

  • Yeah nice already. I like the overall implementation of risk incentives.

  • The mechanic is solid.

    Some feedback:

    • The ship/triangle/player lags behind the current touch.x/touch.y The animation you use is cute. However as I tried to dodge around circles and squares and make it to the gaps, I found myself dieing not because I hit the wall or obstacle, because the ship doesnt follow my exact movements the path I told it take, and the path it took were different. This caused some frustration.
    • Love the 1x, 2x points area's. Hell Id add more of those, that made me want to stay at the top of screen and score bigger points.
    • The controls will work well on mobile, can be played with 1 finger.

    Good luck on the development

  • CigarOfSinatra in what way would you like the player to be moved? Instant to where the touch.x/y is, follows the finger faster than its current speed?

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  • It should always be where I am touching if you designing a twitch based game. Your game requires that I make precision movements. Give me precision controls.

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