[WIP] Labyrinth - Quest for Gold (Arcade Maze Game)

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It's a very interesting and hard quest. It so hard that there is not way to win!
  • Hello,

    i want to introduce you to a new game i am working on.

    Labyrinth - Quest for Gold is a maze game, where you play a little

    adventurer, who searches for treasures in a large labyrinth of caves

    full of enemies (like snakes) and dangerous traps.

    Try it out here: http://www.chupup.com/games/labyrinth/

    Play with cursor keys, press 'R' to reload level.

    On Mobile you play with the buttons at the bottom (until now not optimized/tested).


    • adding more levels (finished game will have 50 - 100)
    • adding more types of enemies
    • adding music and sfx
    • title screen
    • menu screen
    • optimizing for mobile devices

    Tell me what you think!

    All Coding and Graphic Art by Chupup Games

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  • I like it. Very classic kind of gameplay. Reminds me of a lot of old Atari and Commodore games!

    The level design is good, although I feel like the areas are a bit too open. Maybe that's just because it's the early levels while the player is still learning the ropes, so I don't think it's really an issue - just something to take into account later on.

    My biggest gripe is the controls, though. They feel very stodgy, like the player is moving through mud. This could be improved by massively increasing both the acceleration and deceleration of the player, for a more deliberate and predictable type of movement. Precise controls are essential in a puzzle game like this. I also recommend that you look at reshaping the player collision polygon to something less round. Using angular corners on the poly will help reduce some of that "hitching" that happens when the player tries to walk around a corner in the game.

    I've attached a super quick example of my suggestions.

    Otherwise, good going! I think this kind of game works very well on mobile so I hope to see something soon

  • I really like the graphics and the whole thing looks really well put together! I agree about the controls, kind of kludgy, especially for mobile. Not sure what geometrix attached but I'm a fan of virtual joysticks for movement on mobile.

    But yeah, graphics are sweet! Game play is good too! Would like to see more puzzle elements. Reminds me a bit of the adventures of Lolo

  • GeometriX, skelooth: Thank you for the feedback, i will keep this things in mind in the further development.

    Currently I am working on a graphic update, because i want use more decoration (furnitures, treasure chests, fireplaces...) in the level design.


    Chupup Games

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