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  • Hi everyone !

    First let me shortly introduce myself ! I'm French, my real job is gardener. I have a real passion for video games since i had a Nintendo Nes in the late 80's.

    I'm not very interested on the latest AAA games, maybe they lost charm, at the same time they've evolved graphically ?

    I always wanted to work in the video game industry, but it was'nt really easy when you grew up in a little city in the south of France, especially 15 years ago.

    But now there are fantastics tools like Construct 2, and everything is possible ! So here i am ^^.

    On my (very tiny)free time, i work on a demo of a platformer starring a spaceship, i made it alone from the sound to the graphics, but i really hope you'll enjoy play it, and do not hesitate to leave comments ^^.


  • Nice project

    I find myself waiting for the recharge a lot, kinda getting in the way of a platformer-typical flow.

    On the graphical side a few more tile variations could break up some of the pattern repetitions.

    Keep it up!

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  • Thanks for the reply facecrime !

    In fact, i don't know if it's clear, but as levels increase, the spaceship gains in capacities ^^.

    I totally agree with you, i need to work on more tile's variations ! Thanks again ^^

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