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  • Hi guys. A week or less ago i started working on this oddball. To not just copy/paste the info - have a read here:


    Some screenshots:

    The game is a very weird/crazy blend of different adventure game styles. You have some point'n'click, some quick time events, some arcade elements, a lot of horror and reflex based events, puzzles and riddles. All made in a very disturbing and surreal setting. I took inspiration from classic like Darkseed, Zork Nemesis or Dreams to Reality. With a strong grim and insane coating.

    I am not making this with money in mind. It's more of a hobby project. Something to keep me sane, in this dark times. The game is hard. Damn hard. And it won't get any easier ever. So I imagine most of people will never finish it.

    Funny fact - the whole idea for the game came from a funny situation. A friend of my who is a very talented but rookie graphic artist, was thinking about a game that would showcast her skills and talents. So I suggested Graphical Novel. She didn't knew this genre and I had a hard time finding a proper example around the web. So I made a prototype of such game myself to show here how it looks and smells.

    Few days later I've found myself still working on the thing and I grow attached to my creation.

    And here I am here, still developing this piece of madness. I have no plan, not script. I make stuff on the way, I let them come to me naturally. I just swim with the current, curious where it'll lead me. To be honest, when the game does hints some sort of story - even I don't know how it will all end. Its also the first time I develop an adventure game and I must say it's quite pleasant. Most of the time I design some sort of RPGs or games with RPG elements, which from the name tend to be complex. This kind of adventure game feels so simple in comparison. A breath of fresh air.

    I don't know how long it'll take me to finish this thing. Probably a week from now, maybe two.


  • I remember the days of playing Zork games. Looks nice, grim and creepy.

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  • I remember the days of playing Zork games. Looks nice, grim and creepy.

    Actually Zork Nemezis and ZM: Grand Inquisition were one of the strongest inspiration.

    Hi5 mate! Not many people remember those.

  • The game is almost done. All GFX are in place. All SFX and ambient added. Coding done. Just need to some final polish and bugfixing and i am done. Also, i finaly have a logo

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