[WIP] [Adventure Graphic] Slap Village

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    Hi everyone!

    We are pleased to introduce to you Slap Village, a crazy and entertaining graphic adventure set in the Wild West, on which we are working together with the Spanish development studio Monkey Toons. We would like to know your opinion about this video game and any feedback that you could provide will be welcome.

    Currently, we are launching the Greenlight campaign, and if you like this last video game, you can also support this project by clicking on the following link:


    Slap Village is a graphic adventure inspired by the classics of this genre. It deals with actual topics in a context packed with humour and mystery. The protagonist is Lurditas, a young inhabitant of Golden Onion, set in an anachronistic Old West, with the typical scenes and characters of that historical period, yet mixed with new technologies and modern lifestyle characteristics.

    Energetic conspiracies, alien contact or occult practices are some of the mysteries to which Lurditas will have to confront along with his companion Rasta, a tiny mouse that will help him to overcome any obstacle during this adventure.

    If we manage to be supported by Greenlight community, Slap Village will be launched for PC, Mac and Linux during the first trimester of 2016.


    • Movement: Very intuitive Point & Click system.
    • Conversation: classic conversational system with different options for responding at each moment.
    • Animation: a handcrafted and elaborated 2D cartoon aesthetic with bizarre characters and vivid colours.
    • Exploration: in Slap Village you will have to search for objects, interact with the different characters and move up to unblock all the settings.
    • Puzzles: skill and logic will be required to resolve various puzzles in order to move forward in the story.
    • Minigames: with the purpose of increasing replayability, Slap Village includes a variety of minigames such as races riding pigs or foot wrestling among others that will be unblocked during the adventure.

    We would like to thank all of you beforehand for your comments and for all the support that you could provide us with. We hope you like this game as much we do.

    Kind regards .

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    I'm assuming that this game was created in Construct 2?

    If so, nice!

    Do you have a dev blog by any chance?

    Ps. Link didn't show up because of needed missing rep in your profile.

    Hi Solomon,

    Slap Village is created in Unity (C#) and animation is hand drawn. We haven´t blog, however u can search us in Greenlight to meet more details.

    PS. I know my rep is low cause im new user .

    This for for WIP created in C2 and not in any other software. Please don't do this again.


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