WiP: 60Seconds (Candy-Crush/Bejeweled-Like-Game)

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  • Hey and first (as always) sorry for my english

    I'm glad to present my first game, i hope i will "complete"

    (normally i try some things i've seen in other projects, only to make it by myself)

    60 SECONDS is an Candy-Crush-like Game, where you have to "connect/combine" min. or more then 2 Gems of the same Colour ( i think everyone knows how it works *g*) - but you always have only one Minute (or even 60 Seconds - so the Title) time.

    When you get a combo of more then X Gems, there are some "Bonus" appear and ...

    I'm sure everyone know how it works

    At the moment it's an Pre-Alpha Version with a Splash-Screen, the Game-Menue (select Theme and Play-Button), the Game itself and the End-Screen, where your Score is shown.

    An Help-Screen will be included next time - but for an Online-Highscore i will need help

    Maybe anyone can answer the question, that the performance will be better on Mobile Devices, when the game run "native" (as an "real" App), then open it in Webbrowser? It's half-good to play it in Browser with my Windows-Phone, but on Windows-Tablet it's not playable.


  • I worked on a new version of 60 SECONDS.

    A little bit simpler (only Windows8-Style-Tiles in this first new version), but i included WebStorrage-Highscores!

    I also removed the Physic-Movement for better performance (i hope).

    For Online-Highscores i need help (look at THIS posting).

  • Very cool. I really like it. It's one of the kind of games that I enjoy and can play for long periods of time. The only thing I didn't like was the timer (rather then endless mode or some other longer modes) but I guess that's kind of important for a game called 60 Seconds lol

  • Thanks!

    I want an limited time to play - so you can play it "fast" on toilett or anywhere else *hehehe*

  • Update your link.

    its now 60s.grauen.net

  • Really good work. Would like to see new game modes

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  • Jermfire Thanks! In the second post i already use the right url

  • nice game and i really like the online highscore table

  • I like when the blocks fall and dump others. It's a nice combo system too.

    diagonal picking is less intuitive for me.

  • Thanks, fldr and alextro

    You can also select diagonal, so you can reach a greater combo-move (or more possible moves).

    There's no calculation behind creating the objects - their "color" is setting really randomly.

    When you only can select horizontally or vertically, the chance for lower combos and no more possible moves is much greater.

    (i hope you understand what i mean. My english, sorry *g*)

  • Would be fantastic if between picked blocks had a lines or something subtle to indicate they are all connected.

  • In my new version there are those lines

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