Winstratos - High speed shmup [Demo available!!]

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  • Hello, guys!

    My name is Paulo Cezarino. I work as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, and I'm a great shmup fan. I posted this project here some time ago and was about to post a playable demo, however It had some serious issues and the project was left alone. Now I'm taking it back, polished the graphics and remade the engine and now it looks good to go. Thanks for all the previous feedback, it was really helpful! And it's now on Steam Greenlight and you can get the demo here!


    Winstratos is an arcade shoot 'em up (or just shmup), incorporating the concept of flying fast as its core design. When you are alone, fighting an entire armada head-on isn't a very smart strategy, so hit and run tactics become the only option! Change ship modes between fighter and mecha as the situation demands, zap between enemy fleets and bases, and collect coins to increase your rank and unlock new ships!

    Boosting through debris fields, enemy bases and full fleets will be common, so you'll have to constantly adapt for incoming threats. Your ships are configured to overcome this very problem by having two changeable forms: fighter, for precise shooting, and mecha, for area control. Swapping between them is the key for survival! Some ships have extra attacks, like seeking missiles and energy absorbing rays. By meeting certain requirements, it's even possible to add enemy firepower to your own!

    • Four skill levels: from casual to hardcore player;

    • Few buttons: one for each mode, and another one for boosting. Full mouse control is supported;

    • Shield and Armor: taking hits disables your shield. Taking another hit while it recharges and you damage your hull;

    • Ranking system evaluates player by hits taken, enemies destroyed and medals collected;

    • Unlock new ships by collecting coins from fallen enemies or getting good ranks.

    On a distant, fleeing space colony, the remaining humans never expected to be haunted by their ancestral's doings. Old combat forces mysteriously disturbed the peace, and the few military units available had no choice but to counterattack with all their remaining power, as they held the last of Earth's resources. You play as Caz, a young pilot, joined by Su, the one responsible for the carrier and maintenance and, together, you embark in a journey to the unknown...

    Click here to download Windows 32 and 64 bits versions.

    Winstratos Steam Greenlight page

  • O . M . F . G


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  • Voted and added to my collection of C2 games on Greenlight

    Game looks great and judging by the comments on Steam, a lot of other people think so too.

    I don't think you'll have long to wait for the green light.

  • Thanks guys! I hope so, too!

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