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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • WellDone! is a puzzle game with a new gameplay.

    The Kid(s) fall into a well while playing and can't get out. HELP THEM!

    Step down to the bottom and place bricks by drag n drop (tetris like) to lead the kids out of the well.

    The kids can pass barrels but also climb up if possible - this makes the way up more easy and if you once block the path you can blow up bricks & barrels with the limited bombs.

    Pause the kids for more time to place the bricks or prepare the path.

    Collect all goods on your way but avoid the wellmonsters!

    Different challenges with 1..3 kids

    Many levels already included

    Play and give feedback please...

    click to play...

  • Can i blow up blocks?

  • Can i blow up blocks?

    Yes you can! - You have a limited number of bombs per level and find new bombs within the levels.

    We've tested each level multiple times. Once you are familiar with the easy puzzle gameplay you nearly can't lose - but you have to think!

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  • woops

    ....I was trying to blow up the blocks by placing the barrels then using the "explosion button" wondering why it wasn't working.

    its possible that this needs to be clearer ..... maybe make it a clear bomb or stick of dynamite rather than an explosion decal and maybe make the barrel a create,

    ive grown up to expecting barrels to explode for some reason....

    its also possible that I was just being a total dumb ass though.....

  • pretty clever and well executed!

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