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  • Hey guys,

    I just thought I would post a few games my ADHD self has been working on. Most of them are done as far the gears go, but still need more graphics,sounds, bug testing, and content.


    This is a physics game build toward the mobile platform. I still have to add some context sensitive camera zooming and add more graphics and levels. But most of the base components are done.


    This is a Dystopian Zelda-Pinball hybrid. An experiment with top-down stealth/action gameplay.


    This is the game I am "mostly" working on. It's a superhero roguelike, played in the platform style. It still needs a lot of work, and is constantly being tweeked... but it's pretty fun to jaunt around in.

    Let me know what you think. I'm curious what some peoples reactions are to some of the play-styles.



  • hahahaha really funny games!

    NinjaSnap: I like it, because it is a short one. But that's just my personal taste. There are 2 things i would criticize, 1) I didn't know when it was finished, at the end there was only this other ninja left, did I win? and 2) it took me some time till I found out that this power bar is working in the other direction. I was used to start at the character and push it as far as I want, but here it was the other way around, I hope you get what I mean.

    CynicRPG: I haven't had enough time, but it looks awesome! Very intuitive.

    Super: Reminded me a lot of GTA, because you can work, go to hospital, you've got these stars etc. I was just a bit confused by all the boxes and things lying around, like the doors you can't use and boxes above etc., maybe I played too much SuperMario, but when I see boxes... I want to destroy them!

    Cheers, Julia

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  • Julia:

    Hey sorry about the late reply. I've been working like crazy this week. Thanks a lot for those comments. It was just the type of feedback I was hoping for.

    NinjaSnap: I'll create instructions for the goal (currently, it's just to kill all of the non patrolling ninjas), and for the "Snapping". I must have forgot to create some instruction in the Dojo. Originally, the snap did work in the way you were used too. But I found that on mobile devices, my fingers got in the way when I tried to do trickier maneuvers. Maybe I'll add an option to do the snapping both ways.

    CynicRPG: Let me know what you think. It's really just a shell of a game at the moment. But I got pretty far on some of the content.

    Super: I'm not sure what you mean by boxes. But, I think this means I need art lessons in pixel land. lol. However, I will say that I plan on making the "Cleaner/Janitor" character do a lot of collecting tools, while ground pounding rats below, and breaking boxes of sorts with perhaps some power-ups hidden inside.

    Thanks again for the comments. They were much appreciated!


    EDIT: Clarity.

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