W.I.P. Multiplayer wargame (Photon cloud)

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  • Try it http://www.iamronny.com/Apps/TinyWarGame/index.html


    First of all thank you for taking a look at or trying out my game.

    This is a slowly coming into something project.

    (Doesn't even have a name yet)

    It might take months to complete it.

    Probably years.

    Give it a spin.

    See what you like or not so like.

    It uses the photoncloud multiplayer service for the connection between players.

    So i cant really say if the gameplay speeds will always be that good.

    This version (Lets call it V.1) has team based gameplay.

    The host can start Domination, where both teams need to conquer the center pyramid.

    Or you dont start Domination and then its a everlasting team based free for all.

    For weapons you need cash.

    And for cash you need to kill eachother.

    Kill coins spawn so collect it and go get your new ammo.

    The game knows which guns you used to kill the other player, and killcoins are based on that.

    Its simple really.

    Weapons are bought at the stores which you find on the outside of the shooting area, and also 2 inside.

    When outside the game walls, you have infinite ammo, so you can test your guns all you want.

    Controls: WASD & E for the store.

    Mouse for aiming and L-Mouse Button to shoot.

    Further updates will be over at http://iamronny.com/multiplayer/

    Your friendly neighbourhood gamedev

  • Yo man.

    I checked the game out although feel without playing versus a few others there's not too much to say on the actual gameplay at the moment, so sorry .

    Basically I ran around the map solo and just got a feel for it. Two things I can point out is that the font is really small and hard to read and the map might be too big for the scale of the game? I could see players just roaming around trying to chase one another without ever catching up. Have you considered adding a limited field of view? Also, I like how the walking sound changes going over different terrain.

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  • Hey abj84

    Thanks for checking it out.

    Yeah multiplayer without others is a hard one right

    What size screen are you looking at?

    So i can compare font size's.

    The map size is not to big, because players can shoot really far.

    I have tested this with more players in the game.

    You will want to be carefull not just to run after someone.

    Limited field of view, is in the game already, just not activated.

    I think im going to give the host the choice to activate that option.

    Your feedback is much appreciated.

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