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  • [attachment=0:2l7zrcf0][/attachment:2l7zrcf0]We, Xavier Orion Games is developing a twin stick shooter aspiring to be a deeper Alien Syndrome type game called "Into The Void". Right now we are only utilizing a test level to test all the elements as we add them.

    Currently we are working on having a zombie type enemy charge at and chase the player character once the player destroys the chamber that the zombie resides in.

    We have been able to get the zombie to chase the player via using 8 direction behaviors ,but the problem we are currently facing is getting the zombie to actually face the players position during the chase. This is video of testing the zombie chasing where you can see he is not facing proper directions. This is a slightly older piece of footage of gameplay in the test level.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the zombie to face the proper direction while chasing we'd appreciate it.

  • PM us for links to gameplay footage ,and our website

  • PM you for website and footage? I don't think anyone wants to do that. Why not post those on this thread?

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  • Because the site wont allow me Hasuak it said i dont have enough rep yet since im new to the site. Hence why i wrote that as a reply to the thread because i originally had all the links in here ,but it automatically took them out.

  • No beta?I want to see the video,i want even to help you guys to do the game!

    I want to see the video but i can't send PM,could you PM me?

  • We got the zombie up & running the way it needs to be ,and we're also working on a second game. Eman i would say maybe hitting us up on twitter might be the best way with this sites goofy rep system. i understand why they do it ,but it makes it hard for someone just getting started on this forum. Our Twitter is (couldn't fit the s lol)

  • so post the link with a space between the .com and don't use http://

    ... ?

  • okay ill try it... xavieroriongames-wordpress-com obviously replace the dashes with periods. You can also see videos on Youtube by just searching Xavier Orion Games

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