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  • Here's my new project, Vikings vs Robots:

    Some concept art:


  • You are just phishing for e-mail adresses so you can deliver them to list owners in return for profit!? By inventing a curious name and a fake concept art made in 5 minutes? Becuase you ask for e-mail adress and then nothing happens, except it says "Cool." Not cool, bro; not cool.

  • Windwalker Hey, i'll delete your mail from database if you don't like this game. There's no need for accusing me for phishing.

    What's your argument for accusing me for faking concept art?


    edit: here's a link to my artists behance page, one of the prominent things she did is designing a F1 helmet for Mark Webber in 2012; you can read more about this here, if you like her art, you can go and directly tell her:

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  • Can you tell what your game is about? It just asks for an e-mail adress and nothing else happens. It just says it's cool. Is this your game? Do you send something to the e-mail adress because I never received anything? Naturally I thought this was a phishing attempt? How are we supposed to know what your game is doing with our e-mail adress, the text below did not exist when I tried it first. Please forgive if I accuse you falsely, but I was really frustrated and felt tricked. Maybe paranoia on my behalf, maybe bad design (or yet still trolling) on your behalf.

  • Np, thank you for asking questions!

    VvsR is a coop 2D action puzzle platformer in which the player controls four Vikings in a series of quests to liberate various Worlds from the tyranny of evil Robots!

    VvsR is in development for a few months now and the team counts 8 people. The game is built with c2, nw and node. We're currently experimenting with the concept art. Some of it is hand drawn by Zlatka, like the logo and the Viking holding an axe, some of it is modeled in 3d by our 3d guru Jan and then rendered for the game like this tiny robot core concept art here:

    Also, we've edited the website, you can leave a short message or a fake email in the text box if you prefer. Please send me more funny ones, so i can read them for the whole team to get a good laugh! The real email addresses, however, will be the first to receive an alpha access when it's ready.



    Jan's behance:

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