Vale [Alpha] - Bugtesting Wanted

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  • I'm very excited to post this next build. Note that this is probably the last build to go public.

    Extra plug. Streaming pixel art occasionally at Follow if you want to give some direct input or see the drawing process. ... index.html

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  • I was playtesting (for the millionth time) and was killing off monsters with 600+ damage laser beams when I realized that if this were a player that I was facing, he would have no chance to do anything! That was when I found a huge flaw in the XP scaling. The monster's health originally scaled too fast so the player's damage had to ramp up very quickly as well, forcing an imbalance in a player vs. player matchup. I did a large overhaul of the system making all of the player's damage scale a lot less off XP and more off the stats, as well as making the player gain extra health per battle in addition to the health they gained from the XP. Also the new skill Underhand has been nerfed a tad. The class portraits also no longer have breasts that look like they had more Operations than a Hasbro factory.

  • New class added to the closed beta!

    Passive: The doctor revives upon death with half of his maximum Health.

    Ailment: Stun the enemy on the turn used and deal small damage over 3 turns based off your Spell Power (20 Mana) (5 Turn CD)


    Mortal Kiss: Toggle on a heal that heals a small amount each turn based off your maximum Health and Spell power. (5 Mana per turn) (Toggle)

    Bound Revival: Revive a corpse to fight. You take 20% less damage and deal damage based off your attack for the next 5 turns. The corpse’s attacks apply basic attack effects. (50 Mana) (6 Turn CD)

    Psycho Break: The foe takes damage based off your Attack and Spell Power for the rest of the battle. Stacking Damage (30 Mana) (5 Turn CD)

    The Doctor can build a huge variety of builds. Attack based builds can abuse the corpse’s on hit application. Reanimation also allows for a strong hybrid build with the Aura Tap skill that allows you to deal extra damage on basic attacks based of your Spell Power! Of course you could go plain Spell Power and maybe throw in some cooldown reduction and/or Masterful Conscience for extremely strong Ailments! On hit effects that work on both spells and attacks work extremely well on the Doctor since he hits in so many ways! Have fun playing (when the game eventually gets released… Sorry, closed beta :\)

    Death is the cure for life…

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