Ultra Space Battle Brawl - Redefining classic pong

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  • So, I've been developing this project for about a month now. The idea is to redefine a classic pong game and combine with action game / brawling elements to give excitements and adds personality. This game targeted for PC, Mac and Linux, and perhaps other next gen consoles if Construct 2 (or 3) ever gets export support for those platforms (finger-crossed).

    What is Ultra Space Battle Brawl?

    Ultra Space Battle Brawl is an arcade multiplayer dueling game about people playing baseball in space and destroy stuffs... and don't give a damn

    Think of it like Pong and Strider make a baby..

    You have to hit your enemy's minions while you defend yours.

    So if you're a button-mashing junkies in need to settle some dispute with your buddies, friends, bff, ex or whatever, this game might be of your interest.

    Who's making this game?

    The game was made by Eka Pramudita (me!) and with the help from my friend Masdito "Ittou" Bachtiar on music (you can check his sounds here https://soundcloud.com/ittou)

    This game was made during #mojikencamp , my company (Mojiken Studio) internal upgrading program.. kind of like an internal gamejam in a month

    So, here's some screenshot of the game

    Wanna Try the DEMO?

    I've released the demo on http://mojiken.itch.io/usbb

    Feel free to download it! Please send me some feedback and suggestion as I'm open to expand this project further with some new cool features


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