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  • Hello, here's my first version from my game "Ultra Fred".

    The music and soundeffects will comming soon. But what dou you guys think about the levels and the gameplay?

    Do I need more details, harder oder easier bosses? Or puzzles, and what kind of puzzles?

    Thank you for your feedback

  • Duuuude... I had too much fun. The game is simply great.

    Maybe you can add more animation sprites, running, dying, trolling, dancing or so. Like giving Fred or whatshisname a personality. Shooting upward and downward, secret treasures or medals, a bonus level with a fabulous boss... Do whatever you see fit.

  • trquangss Thanks man! Yeah I know what you mean, but it's a bit tricky because I don't have a lot of pixel to work with ^^ I made in each level, except the bosslevels, one or two secret areas with a treasure

  • I agree with Trquangss, Fred would be a lot more "expressive" with more animations (simple and schematic animations, it suits perfectly the pixel graphic).

    I agree also about the secret areas, it is a game that should be impronted to exploration (it somehow reminds me of the 8bit era game "Dynamite Dan", never heard of it?).

    What about a device to swim and another to fly, only for a short time and in certain levels?


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  • Okey I understood ^^ Next step are nice animations for my main character!

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