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  • Something that I was working on for fun

    Inspired by CreepyPasta by Danatblair "I Must Type This Sentence"

    Story Reading

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    If you would rather listen to the creepypasta for yourself you can find it by the above link. Below is a quick break down.

    I heard the creepypasta about a young girl stuck on her computer typing the same sentence over and over to impede the monsters she can see in her computer screen. The girl had been typing the same sentence over and over for weeks. So a thought went off as to if someone was actually in this situation how long could they actually last typing the same sentence over and over before they met their demise.

    Unfortunately there is no winning at this it is more of a how long can you last before your devour type thing. This was more of a experiment on implementing something like the store and trying to capture her situation.



    Probability I do anything else with this is slim. I was just playing around with C2 and the thought <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

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  • That's really cool. I like it, the voiceover is great. I had some sound lag issues (Chrome) if I typed really fast

  • Yea I notice that. I was worried the sound wasn't working at all. Was debating on fighting with getting it to work right. But thx

  • Great sound work, the voice over was right on cue for me. You should keep going with this concept, its really well done and has room for more challenges.

  • Thx Billy

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