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  • Hello, everyone!

    If you have time please try the demo of my turn based game Force Commander (working title) - http://force-commander.com/. This is only the prototype of the game and is full of bugs.

    Attention! The demo works only in Chrome, it doesn't work in IE. It may also not working in other browsers. It is not compatible with mobile phones.

    About the game.

    Force commander is a tactical wargame much like a boardgame, simulating the actions of army troops from squad up to battalion in WWII. I am seriously thinking of making a strategic (division, army) level, but this is a challenging task. The game is based on classical wargame mechanic, is played with 'Counters' on a map with a hexagonal grid. Counters represent squads, officers, tanks, support weapons and artillery.

    I am looking forward to receiving your feedback.


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  • Congratz You made it!!!! I´d like to help you!!! I sent a message to you...


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