Come try my platformer 'Midget Mager'!

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  • It's already been a year since I started using Construct 2 to build my game, a retro-style platformer with block breaking gameplay similar to Super Mario Bros but with a twist to make it unique.

    If you're into platformers please give it a try to give me some feedback! ... demo-22888


  • Sweet game. I like the design of the mage. Those moving trees in the background are a neat idea and give the game much more atmosphere!

    I think you could improve some things:

    1. You should definitely show the controls at the beginning of the game. I can't jump using the top arrow key, which is counter-intuitive. I had to test every button on my keyboard to find the right one.

    2. I was missing some 8-bit retro music. But that might be build in later?

    3. The game is nice to play but honestly, so fas as I've played, there is nothing distinguishing this game from other simple jump'n runs. Its just one of 1000000 other jump'n runs that have been published over the years. I think you should add a twist to it, like the mage being able to use his magic wand to overcome foes or something like that.

    Good game so far. Keep working on it!

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  • Hey CreativeMind thanks for trying my game! (Played your 'Loading the game' demo yesterday, really cool ideas in there!) To answer your remarks:

    1. I agree that the controls should be shown in game, I plan to make some kind of e-manual for the final release. However on Scirra Arcade there's a small button called 'Game Instructions' where all the controls are detailed.

    2. As for the 8-bit music, I wanted to stay away from it. I really like chiptunes and all but I think that's been done to death in retro-style platformers. I wanted to distinguish myself with more moody instruments and darker compositions. There are already 6 songs in the demo.

    3. I feel like you probably missed out on the basics of the gameplay... I'd like to know how far did you get into the game (which level).

    Did you know there was a Run button, or that you could break the blocks to find Spell Tomes and cast fire spells to overcome foes?

    Also I think that my level design and overall quality are much better than the 1000000's other platformers out there...

  • I replayed the game. Indeed, I missed out on the basics of the gameplay, my fault!

    I knew about that instructions button on the arcade but couldn't find it. After 3 minutes of searching I found that tiny button with the question mark. I think Scirra should make it more obvious.

    Now that I know about the flamedrop, the gameplay and leveldesign makes much more sense. Good work. I couldn't manage to get past the waterfall in the second level. Will there be other abilities?

  • Okay that's what I thought!

    Yes there will be more items and spellbooks, but for now in this demo you have 2 spells, a few items like the monocle (SIGHT) that allows you to see invisible blocks (it's hidden in stage 1-2, above the second waterfall), or the Cape (CLOAK) that prevent enemies from shooting bullets at you.

    The full game is gonna be 4 worlds with 3 stages each. The first 2 stages of each world will be more linear while the 3rd stages will be maze-like dungeons where you must acquire abilities to open new paths and obtain keys to reach and defeat the boss.

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