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  • Post-Apocalyptic themes are fun! Let's OWN some zombies! ... 4/try-hard

    Here is wip. project of mine. All except music is mine (i made sounds and sprites). It's my first try on makin AI, currently, zombie has 4 AI modes.

  • Nice concept. I like how you are hiding zombies when your view of them is blocked. There were quite a few times I saw a zombie walk past a door I was by but I couldn't tell where they were when I tried to follow them until I got through the door. It added a little creepiness.

    I know it's just a wip, but It wasn't easy to tell what each of the HUD items represented. Also, there needs to be an end when the players health (at least I think that is what the number in the upper left corner represented) hits 0. I was running around with -25 health and couldn't help but wonder why I didn't just drop my gun and start looking for brains to eat myself.

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  • Your comment made me happy a bit. It's good that someone 'like' this concept. I'll add image about weapon holding. I know you can have less than 0 hp, i didn't made anything to 'end' the game. It still need improvement and as a free user, after i'll finish the engine, there will be diffirent modes like survival, scavenger or even story mode .

    Scirra arcade lower FPS alot! In preview i have 85(max) fps. How do i enchance it?

    I have updated the game, i hope you'll like it :> .

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