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  • Devlog for tritouch C3Jam game entry for newgrounds.

    Playing with the game mechanism. Touch, puzzle, matching game.

    Requires multi-touch, so play on touchscreen PC, tablet or phone, it won't work w/ just mouse.

    First level only, touch and move the three points to change the top square to match the bottom (angle and size), must touch all three at the same time, figure out how the relation of the points change the square.

    On different levels, the relation between the orbs will change other aspects, which the player will need to figure out (color, contrast, lighting, shape, animation, FX parameters, etc.). The relation between the orbs will be based on angles, distances, number of rotations and velocity.

    In terms of art style will replace the circles w/ 'mystical orbs', the square will be replaced by something like a stone mask of some mythological creature and then throw on a theme about matching the masks and freezing the original mask, before it comes to life and devours, uh the world? So, add a timer count down for each level, if you go over, lose a life or something like that.

    Playable (touch screen, phone, ipad):


    Updated Art (Temple of Light Asset Pack)

    Original Art

  • Updated art in first post, same game mechanics.

    Used: Ancient_Temple_-_Ruins_of_Light art pack, nice set of tiles and sprites.

    Now move on to making level behavior, adding in bump map (I want to do full blow multi-light normal map, but C3 is not ready for custom fx), start screen, make levels programmable (with external level file) and procedural.

  • Just a question - why using 3 touchpoints (instead of 2)?

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  • Just a question - why using 3 touchpoints (instead of 2)?

    Good question!

    It's because of the C3JAM: "Good Things Come in Threes."

    Beyond that, this is just an early example level (which yes could have been done with just two touchpoints), having three touch points allows for more control of more parameters for more puzzles. For example distance between multiple touchpoints, whether a third touch point is in between the other two, different 'angles' between touchpoints, etc.

    So, I'll have an angle control sculpting angle, another angle control color, a distance control size, another distance control a warp effect. Lots of different changes to figure out.

  • Menu screen (had to add a 'play' button, so audio would work on iOS, an age old work around.)

  • Tweaked tile map (went to 64x64), increased size of orbs for small phones (in web version), added some animated sprites that came with the asset pack.

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