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  • |2015-12-09 update|

    The demo is here, click the image if you wish to download it.

    Instructions: Arrow keys to move, S to jump, F to fight, G to shoot (if unlocked), 1/2/3 for activating abilities (depending on the type)


    Tripped Out is our first project and it has evolved a lot from the first few months of development.

    The game itself is a rogue-"lite" action platformer game. It stays true to the style of rogue-likes, like Rogue Legacy, Binding of Isaac and so on, while trying to innovate the places that we felt could make the gameplay feel more fun and add some depth to it.

    As of now we are trying to focus on the game mechanics. We will be tweaking and adding a lot of stuff after we get feedback from the demo versions and the devlog updates we are going to put there on regular basis.

    All comments and questions are welcome, we will be answering every single one, if they aren’t repeating.


    You start your adventure in the Temple of Sin, here you can buy upgrades offered by Greed. He has divided his shop into 3 different tabs that alter your character in many ways. Each time you start a new run the layout of the map is different. Additionally you can find items during the run that might be helpful as well. Some are safe, but weaker, and some are dangerous, but powerful. After beating one of the randomly chosen mini-bosses you proceed to the “transition level” which is a mix of the current and the next level. The monsters become harder, you could even call them elite monsters. In the end there is the final boss that lets you enter the next level! The game is going to involve a real in-depth story and it’s up to you if you want to dig in.

    Temple of Sin:

    Some movement:


    Money chest:

  • Looks go, but I really can't tell how it plays. Do you have a demo anywhere?

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  • fantastic sprite art great choice of colours the purple really stands out and the game itself looks fun hope I get to play it soon

  • The effects when jump/boost run/attack looks pretty good.

  • It looks awesome! I would love to see a demo soon.

  • Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it RhettBlood PrinceofMars JPatchZ K1ra

    It's really motivating to me that some of you were/are actually waiting to play the game, so here it is, click the image if you wish to download it:

    Instructions: Arrow keys to move, S to jump, F to fight, G to shoot (if unlocked), 1/2/3 for activating abilities (depending on the type)

    Currently there are:

    -around 60 to 70 rooms that are chosen from the pool and generated as a level

    -2 mini-bosses to fight against

    -6 skills that you can buy in The Greed's Shop in The Temple of Sin, 3 affecting your stats passively and 3 active abilities

    -2 unique run abilities, you can find one of them during the run in The Altar Room.

    -7 enemies

    Please note that it's just the early pre-alpha version of the game, there is around 10x times that stuff more to come and a lot of things will be changed/tweaked,

    I hope you will like it and I can't wait to hear your feedback!

    And if someone wants to know, here is how the game looked during its humble beginnings, months ago:

    how it looks now:

    Totally different games, right?

  • I died too many times,but for a demo it's pretty fun

  • Great Job! I'm very interested in what you used to generate the level. Any info on how you accomplished that?

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