Tripped Out - 2D Roguelike Platformer Game

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  • About:

    A team that consists of 2 people (including me) is working on a 2d roguelike platformer game being made in Construct 2.

    We are going to post weekly updates here, if you're interested feel free to ask anything.




    2015-07-18 (the most recent)

  • It's got a nice style to it. Good luck!

  • i like it

  • Thank you crypticblonde and mannygill99 for some good words,

    I appreciate that you took your time to step in here and comment on the project!

    2015-06-20 Update

    What's new:

    -The "poof" effect applied to dying enemies

    -Improved background (not finished yet)

    -Facial expression of the player being hurt

    Screenshot below (the health bar isn't working yet, I will prioritize it in the next update):

    Feel free to ask me anything about the project and let me know what do you think about it!

  • dope i like

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  • 2015-06-27 Update

    What's new:

    -New background things

    -Working HP bar + amount of damage dealt appearing after the hit

    -You can also see the player's dashing ability (needs some tweaking as well) but it was there before

    A .gif below (sorry for the quality lower than usual):

    Currently I'm working on tweaking anything that doesn't feel right to me, adding new enemies (two more are already drawn)

    and a few separate rooms to play around with.

    I'd be glad if you let me know what you think about it so far! Any opinions, questions and suggestions are welcome.

  • 2015-07-04 Update


    So basically I've been working on fixing game's flaws and expanding its content this week. The game should be playable really, really soon and that's when

    I'm going to upload it here and wait for your feedback.

    What's new:

    -More background details

    -Collecting money from chests

    -Money counter

    -Added switching through rooms

    -Im working on the third enemy that's going to be called The Unholy Knave, not finished yet. He will be charging fast to you and slash really fast as well (it will be possible to avoid it of course), he might also have some platform abilities like jumping etc. I need to tweak

    -Fixed some minor bugs

    .gifs below (sorry for the visible cursor in the first one):

    I also added HUB room, but I'm not to show it yet since everything is made of placeholders. There are going to be 3 types of shops and during the run

    you will also have opportunity to collect different items that assist you as long as you're alive.

    Feel free to ask anything about the game if you are interested and give me some feedback about what you (don't) like, I'd appreciate it!

  • Looks great,keep it up

  • 2015-07-11 Update

    Next week, next update,

    We are getting closer and closer to the playable prototype of the game!

    What's new:

    -New enemy finished - Unholy Knave - it chases you down to attack you and then come off the ground behind you (the concept changed a bit since its' origins)

    -New enemy's mechanics finished - Blighted Terror, basically he starts flying towards you whenever you get close to him (animations will be added soon)

    -Some HUB background graphics, it's being prototyped right now

    -Fixed some minor bugs

    .gifs below:

    And the current HUB's look:

  • 2015-07-18 Update

    What's new:

    -New enemy finished - The Mimic - A chest look-alike that starts jumping around when you get close.

    -More HUB graphics

    -First Unique Run Ability "Take-Off!" that gives you possibility to toggle between walking/flying

    .gifs & screenshots below:

    Current HUB's state


    Take-Off! (that chest sprite is used as a placeholder, abilities will be collected from altars)

    We are planning to add the first shop now, and keep expanding the content, let us know what you think!

  • 2015-07-25 Update

    What's new:

    -Thorns for the background scenery here and there

    -Unique Run Abilities icons (the frame for it is most likely a placeholder though)

    -Currently adding The Fallen Elf's mechanics

    A screenshot:

    Thorns, icons and The Fallen Elf sprite

    We want to release the demo for all of you next week, so hopefully we do everything on time!

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