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  • My first game. Mostly finished minus art/animation.

    You control a torpedo trying to get to the weak spot of a spaceship.

    Has optional game pad controls that allow you to turn at different speeds. I tried to make it obvious in the title screen.

    Any input is welcome. Also any advise on how to collaborate with artists would be helpful. Found lots of good music and sound assets but I can't find artwork, particularly a tilemap that works. ... tack-26929

  • Oh wow, this is actually really fun!

    However, on Master puck right now, I don't seem to gain control of my character when the level starts? Like I can't boost or turn or anything; I'm just stuck watching him endlessly kill me since I can't move lol

    Other than that, yeah the main thing I'd say is obviously the visuals need some polishing up like you said

    I'd actually be super down to help you with that though too btw if you're still looking for someone

    You can look at some of the artwork I've done for my own current project for some credibility as an artist lol: ... demo-14403

  • Thanks for checking it out!

    I'm trying to figure out what might be happening on master puck. I accidentally left in code that switches between keyboard and game-pad controls when you press 1 or 2. If you pressed one of those keys that could have caused it. Also realized that I left in code to restart levels pressing y on the keypad. I'll remove them and see if that helps.

  • Also I have Esc for bringing up menus. It seems that's causing problems with full-screen. May change it to another key/

  • Updated it. Hopefully the problem is solved.

  • Try to use the time of each level, then added and send to the ranking of Scirra, I think this will make the game even more fun with the current content.

    The game is very good, congratulations.

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  • Thanks. I'll look into doing that. hopefully it's not too difficult to achieve.

  • WOW your game is amazing!

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